Monasteries of Meteora and Wine Tasting. All in one Private tour

Visit one monastery and one of the best wineries & distilleries!

This tour is designed for the visitor who wants to visit Meteora and also taste local wine! Yes, the area is also famous for its wine! The surprise for you will be the Vineyards at the foothills of the rocks.

We will pass through the rocky cliffs and watch the Christian monasteries on top. We will enter one monastery and see the rest monasteries from the outside. You will hear stories about the history, the geological phenomenon, Christian Orthodox Religion and the meanings-symbols behind the decoration and wall paintings of the central churches. We will see the nuns and monks doing their everyday jobs, praying and welcoming the visitors.

After our tour in Meteora area we will visit one of the most famous Greek brands for wine but also for the original Greek alcoholic spirit, “Tsipouro”. They will show us their cellar, distillery and bottling line. Taste an exquisite variety of local wines and relax in the monastery dining tables (7 labels of local wine and 3 samples of Tsipouro).

I am a licensed Tour guide, so I will be with you in the monasteries and I will be also guiding you INSIDE and not only from the outside!!!


  • What is the duration of this tour?

The tour lasts up to 4.30hours. Don’t hesitate to ask me for more time if you want to wander around more.

  • Where will we meet?

Wherever it’s convenient to you (at your hotel, train station, port etc.).

  • Is there any option for our transportation during the tour?

Yes. There are a lot of options based on the number of people. Please contact me in order to arrange it.

  • What is the activity level?

Moderate. You will need to walk on varying terrains and climb stairs.

  • Why should I be guided by a Licensed Tourist Guide?

In order to be guided in Greece, especially in Museums and Archaeological sites you should hire a Licensed Tour Guide. All tour guides wear their ID card. Only, those are official tour guides of Greece. You pay so as to hear valid information about Greece, History, Archaeology and Modern Life.


Hours and Ticketing: Each monastery follows its own time schedule. The admission fee is 3€ per person and per monastery.

You must follow the dress code of the monasteries: women have to keep covered their shoulders and legs by wearing long dresses/skirts under the knee or covering their pants with a long cover-up. As for men, they have to wear long pants.

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