• Why do I need a licensed Tourist Guide with me?

If you wish to visit a cultural and natural heritage place and you want to be guided by a Tourist Guide you should find a licensed one like me. In Greece only the licensed tourist guides are permitted to offer tours in all sites and museums. This definition follows the European standard for tour guiding (CEN).

  • Are you licensed to offer tour inside the museums, archaeological sites, historic places or monasteries like Meteora?

Yes. I am a licensed Tourist guide, so I will be with you in the monasteries and anywhere you wish to be guided. I will also be guiding you INSIDE and not only from the outside!!!

  • In which languages are you offering tour?

Greek / English

  • Are you offering private and customized tours?

Of course. Please contact me in order to plan a customized tour just for you.

  • We don’t have means of transport. Could you arrange it for us?

Don’t worry about it. I work with transport agencies, so I can arrange it for you and inform you about the extra cost.

  • How much does a tour cost?

Each tour differs in the place, type or duration, so each tour has different price. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more info.